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The Glick Family



Generation No. 1: Frances Glick


Frances Glick was born 1895 in Poland.  He married Alice Cody in 1925.  She was born 1909 in New York. The death dates of Frances and Alice are unknown. Frances and Alice had three children: William, Joseph Anthony and Ruth.


Generation No. 2: Joseph Anthony Glick


William Glick was born in 1925 in New York.


Joseph Anthony Glick was born August 11, 1927 in New York and died March 13, 1962 in New York.  He married Carole Lee Ohlmeyer June 30, 1957 in Manhattan, New York.  She was born August 13, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York and died September 17, 2009 in Moreno Valley, California. Joseph and Carole had three daughters: Joanne, Mary and Kathleen Alice.


Ruth Glick was born in 1928 in New York.


Generation No. 3: Joanne Glick


Joanne Glick was born August 29, 1958 in New York. She met Manuel Flores. Manuel was born September 20, 1956 in Fresno, Fresno County, California. Joanne and Manuel had five children: Carole Lee, Jenelle, Danielle Dee, Derik Brandon and Emmanuel. Joanne married Gustavo Maestre December 25, 1999 in Riverside, Riverside County, California.  Gustavo was born August 12, 1951.


Mary Glick was born January 01, 1960. Mary married Ramon Anthony Valdez, Sr. and had a son: Ramon Anthony Jr. Mary married James Hooks and had one son: Luke Matthews. Mary married Derek Maurice Pierre, Sr. and had two sons: Derek Maurice, Jr. and Jermain Benjamin.


Kathleen Alice Glick was born February 24, 1961 in New York. Kathleen married Donald Anderson. He was born June 1961. Kathleen and Donald have two sons: Nathan Coleman and Donovan.




















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